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by | May 27, 2017 | Blog

My team, without a doubt, has the most awesome people in it!

On my last day in June, I held a little presentation about my 12 months working in Talent Acquisition. To be honest when I was preparing, I remembered a presentation done by Julia about her time as Head of TA for a change of perspectives and I was like … I’m not going to cry like Julia … she was pregnant so she has an excuse due to all of her hormones acting up. Oh how wrong I was!! I cried my eyes out when I started sharing my experiences, learnings and what my team members gave me on my way.

So I prepared a bunch of goodies – brownies, cupcakes, muffins and berries – for my last day because well, I do want to rub into their face what they will miss out on once I’m gone! After the presentation, I was surprised with a brunch organised by my team, they brought so many delicious things and I felt so spoiled! There were gipfeli’s (swiss croissants), ham&cheese, pancakes, smooties, cake salé and many more treats. On top of that, they premiered Popo’s Bakery Blog! My jaw dropped – I would have never expected this and was so happy that they organised this because I’ve been thinking for a while about starting a blog with my recipes and some things I like to share regarding my life. THE TIMING COULD NOT BE MORE PERFECT?!

Anyways, the story behind why it’s a baking blog is quite simple. I love to bake and I baked a lot since 2016 during my time with TA. As they wrote:

“Since 2016 Popo’s Bakery delivers the best cakes and sweets on earth to the team.’Let them eat cake’ was the motto from the beginning when she started to spoil her team with heavenly creations. She also tried to get the team into baking with a baking challenge that was carried out as a little competition. However, standards were high and taste buds demanding. To keep the team motivated to bake, Popo’s bakery came to life so she could deliver her recipes to the crowd.”

P.S. With my departure, the team swapped the baking challenge for a life-well-challenge in order to get rid of any weight gained during the last year. –> Haaa! I bet the image of my team in your head is of 13 obese and cuddly people. The cuddly part is definitely right but they’re far from obese even after the 3 month baking challenge.















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