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My very first post explains how I came about to start this blog so have a read through it to understand the story behind because here I want to introduce myself and what my aim is.

My nickname is Popo hence, the name of the blog. I have a deep passion for baking – it started towards the end of high school when I was completing my IB diploma (maybe it was a stress relief to bake and get my mind off the exams). After I finished high school I went to university in England and there I really started spending time with working on methods both for cooking and baking recipes. However, this blog is going to focus on baking and I also, want to share some excerpts from my life.

My recipes are alterations of recipes I’ve experimented, worked with and combined throughout the past years. I want to enable any person to bake, because it’s not a science to create a dessert or delicious cake. All you need is a bit of courage and a good recipe that you can follow. ‘Cause let’s be honest, how many times have you read a recipe stating “beat until a semi-liquid/smooth and fluffy/yellow consistency” and thought to yourself in the kitchen, well that looks about right, no? So, with my blog any person will be able to bake, it’s almost going to be like a “Baking for dummies” or “Baking 101” blog. I will use different media to give you the best image of how the batter, assembly or result should look like because I don’t want anyone spending hour after hour in the kitchen for one single cake! Instead, you should use this time indulging on treats with your loved ones.

I hope that my recipes can give you this little push to try out something new and maybe inspire you to add ingredients or modify some steps to suit your taste buds.